Re: Snow piles: Filtration of contaminates including Road Salt #snowmelt #filtration

Hugh McLaughlin

Group and especially Rob Lehmert,

Sodium (Na+) is the most water soluble of all the common cations, so it is retained on biochar with the lowest force and displaced by essentially any other cation or heavy metal cation.

I would not recommend biochar to remove sodium to any appreciable extent or cost-effectively.

- Hugh McLaughlin, PhD, PE

On Tuesday, November 3, 2020, 11:24:30 AM EST, Robert Lehmert via <roblehmert@...> wrote:

Hi Mike

That should improve soil health, but I'm looking for something different -- I want to adsorb Na onto biochar and retain it. 

I imagine biochar naturally adsorbs some amount of Na -- although I have not seen any studies.

Does anyone know chemical bonds to improve that  Na-BC adsorption process? Hugh McLaughlin and/or Chuck Hegberg perhaps?

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