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Claudia Kammann

I know that wood vinegar may be good for pest control, but in many countries, it is not allowed by legislation, e.g. in Germany. The papers from Ellen Graber’s group are just an idea where to start, when looking for research results on biochar and pest control.


Best, Claudia


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For pest control you really should be looking at wood vinegar instead of biochar. There have been very successful case studies using wood vinegar to control aphid and borer beetle infestation. WV is a co product of producing biochar.




Tom Nelson


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Hello Robert,


if you use the name „ellen Graber“ in your scientific literature search you will find a lot of papers on biochar effects on plant-pest relationships and plant defense genes/effects.


I can send you some of the papers, if you send me a direct mail.


Best regards, Claudia Kammann


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Good morning,


I am an agricultural extension agent in Yuma County Arizona.

I am looking for reference material on how biochar can help with commercial agriculture pest control.

I am presenting at an IPM workshop and they only give PCA training credit hours if the topic is pest control themed.

I want to promote use of biochar using this platform, so I need some reference material.


Thank you in advance for your assistance,


Robert Masson

Assistant Agricultural Agent

Yuma County Cooperative Extension



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