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Don Coyne

Thanks Frank, we’d love you to join us one of these days as down under down under has treated you well 😉 *nudge, nudge, wink, wink* Tom, your knowledge and networking capabilities are unsurpassed, thank you.


I failed to mention we have also met with Andy Ball @ Transforming Biosolids but collaboration has been postponed till 2021 until they can work out affiliated membership. They have patented technology on the way too


Stay tuned & Chars,


Don Coyne

Executive Director

ANZ Biochar Industry Goup (ANZBIG)

Byron Eco Park – 1 Old Brunswick Rd,

Tyagarah, N.S.W. 2481


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Hello Don and  all,
it is very positive to see that now also in Australia and New Zealand these synergistic topics get explored with gusto.

As we know, there is soo much to do for all the climate positive reasons that it takes many heads, shoulders and hands to develop and grow the
circular biocarbon economy with local and regional pilot project of appropriate scale.
Thanks to Tom Miles’ many years of chairing and building this ‘glocal’ discussion group platform and his personal, professional expertise
it is now possible to address these global opportunities.
Soon we will see also action happening in this important field coordinated / chaired by the scientific team  that has been formed around the RMIT in Melbourne with National and International Change Agents involved.
Interesting times now and ahead and yes, it is work in progress at every level and many bio-regions.
Frank again


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Hi Tom,


On behalf of ANZBIG and what’s happening in OZ we have made links with Hydrogen SEQ Cluster & FIAL the Industry Growth Centre recently given that the Technology Roadmap was very much focussed on Hydrogen Production, biochar can of course help with green hydrogen production. Gaia-Enviro which has a modular AD looks to have good synergies with pyrolysis technology like the Charmaker from Earth Systems.


Our Foundational Member Conhur, “the de watering sludge people” who have the State contract in Tasmania are also developing a biochar fertiliser product. Perhaps they’ve seen the potential to make char to add to AD’s?


Of course, one step further is to just dry and pyrolyse the poo as Pyrocal are doing?! This is similar process I understand to the Aries Clean Energy in Lebanon, Tennessee. It would good to do trials on biosolids biochar back into AD’s?


It’s all happening right here in Australia!


Many Chars,


Don Coyne

Executive Director

ANZ Biochar Industry Goup (ANZBIG)

Byron Eco Park – 1 Old Brunswick Rd,

Tyagarah, N.S.W. 2481


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Hello Tom,
Good question, just had a quick look to provide a lead:
The EM Chiemgau / Christoph Fischer GmbH in Bavaria / Germany has information on their website with references incl. the 5 names of the team (in German) :

NovoCarbo at the PYREG site in Germany operates 3 pyrolysis units, they provide char for such projects:
(in English)

I am sure EBI and the Fachverband Pflanzenkohle and the Ithaka Institute have more detailed information if requested.
I can imagine that PYREG and other top quality pyrolysis and gasification technology providers such as SYNCRAFT and POLYTECHNIK  in Austria can respond also assist.
Best regards


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Where do we find digesters using biochar? We understand that biochar helps to accept variable feedstock and  stabilize the digester.




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Hahaha – good one Tomaso,
Yes you are so right as there are well over 16,000 of such facilities in Europe and of these more than 10,000 units in Germany.
So we may benefit in Tasmania, Australia , New Zealand  from getting a few links and collaborations happening.
Just to be
Frank again


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It might be interesting for you to know that Italy alone has 1600 farm and municipality scale anaerobic digestors producing 1.7 billion cubic meters of Natural Gas (electricity production and now CNG\LNG for the national grid and for the transport industry




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Thanks Don, good to hear that Anaerobic Digesters have been beavering away successfully in America, - from the American side on this list, I gathered it was only happening in India and China.


Good to keep all options open and explore possibilities with those on the same side, even if it is not your chosen technology.


Time to work together, Anaerobic and Aerobic, how to strengthen each other.




Geoff Thomas.


On 16 Nov 2020, at 10:39 am, Tom Miles <tmiles@...> wrote:


For those who want to add biochar to anaerobic digesters, or carbonize digestate, AgStar has undated their livestock AD database: 

Updated! Anaerobic Digester Database

AgSTAR has updated its Livestock Anaerobic Digester Database!

AgSTAR works hard to provide you with the latest information and data available on anaerobic digestion in the U.S. This semi-annual revision of AgSTAR's online database, along with associated data and trends, is now up to date as of September 2020. These periodic updates add new projects and provide the latest project statuses for existing or planned projects. Here are some highlights:

New Projects Come Online


  • Six covered lagoon systems have come online this year, including three compressed natural gas projects at dairy farms in California and three pipeline gas projects at swine farms in Missouri and Utah.
  • This brings the total of number of manure-based anaerobic digester (AD) systems operating in the United States to an impressive 263.

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Gains Popularity


  • Approximately 17 additional systems are currently under construction in the U.S., most of which will produce RNG.
  • Four existing AD systems in Wisconsin converted from electricity generation or combined heat and power to RNG production.
  • Two existing power generation projects intending to switch to RNG production are now in the construction phase, and several more RNG project conversions are in the planning stages.

AD Emissions Reductions and Energy Production Grow

  • Annual emission reductions resulting from U.S. livestock digesters have improved from 4.65 million metric tons of CO2equivalent (MMTCO2e) in 2019 to 4.81 million MMTCO2e as of September 2020. Reductions in emissions of this size are equivalent to removing 34,000 passenger vehicles from the road for one year.
  • Annual energy production from U.S. livestock digesters has increased from 1.35 million megawatt hours (MWh) equivalent in 2019 to 1.41 million MWh equivalent as of September 2020.

Because the data are compiled from a variety of voluntary sources, AgSTAR cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information in the Anaerobic Digester Database. While the Program strives to keep the information as updated and accurate as possible, the database is not exhaustive and may not include data for every anaerobic digester project on livestock farms in the United States.



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