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You may not have seen the announcements that Carbofex Oy and Rainbow Beeeater in Australia have been selling on and there will soon be an announcement of a North American supplier selling on Carbon Future will accept IBI or EBC certification. Puro requires EBC certification. IBI is currently supporting an effort to develop protocols approved by the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA) which will provide access to larger markets.




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Is anyone aware of a biochar project that has been funded by a carbon market? If so, please share the details.


I looked into the possibility to some depth about 10 years ago. Between project setup and verification costs, additionality constraints, and the relatively small scale of biochar projects (I thought producing 4 tonnes of char per day was relatively large scale until the CDM consultant at First Environment in Germany laughed at me, and said "That is nothing") ... I let the idea go. 



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John: and List


Interesting and sad history for this gentleman.  You might be right - but I would have thought that possible greater profits might have made a difference.  Thanks goodness there were a few researchers.





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Can anyone explain why there has been so little in-field research ....

Ron, in South Africa, the answer to your question is the Semmelweis effect.


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