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Tom Miles

Great idea. Our winters are not severe but we have old single pane windows that we can try it on. Is there an R value for the insulation?


As Frank showed us you can set biochar beneath the window to prevent fogging from the inside. : - )




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Good Day,


Attached is a picture of an energy saving idea for those who live in the land of cold winters...


At first glance the windows may appear frosted but actually they are covered with small bubble wrap. The plastic bubble wrap provides about 3/8 inch of air insulation to reduce the movement of cold.


All you have to do is..


1. Spray the surface of the glass with a soapy solution.

2. Apply the bubble wrap smooth side contacting the soap solution on the glass.

3. Move the bubble wrap up and down to assure good surface contact between the smooth surface of the wrap and glass.

4. That's it...    


The bubble wrap will stay stuck to the window all winter doing its insulation job.


In spring pull the bubble wrap off the glass and store for next winter, as well as, wash window to let the sun in.


I hope folks do not mind this non-biochar posting......


It's such a simple, affordable, and effective idea that I had to share it......


Thanks for understanding........










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