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Love synergies. This is stuff that i can use, even where there are no feed lots.


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Doing a quick look at methane production disruptors in cows that are in the commerce space we have... 

Red algae
Essential oils

Currently, we use garlic, essential oils, and yeast for soil&plant health, as well as, brown algae which contains the same bromoform active, as red algae. 

So depending on the livestock operation, layering multiple partial solutions, that also can be used for soil&plant health, could be as effective, as finding the single use magic bullet, for livestock and earth health, as well as, human health.... 

The application of biochar, as a partial solution, could take the form, as a base layer, in a tray, that barley seeds are broadcast over from which hydroponic fodder is grown. In this application, the char, root mass, and green biomass are direct fed. The barley seeds, biochar, and biomass can be nutrient primed to provide fuller nutrition.

The biochar can be used as a delivery system for the listed inputs.

Biochar can be integrated into all of the above commercial ideas to produce the desired outcome.

Garlic and biochar can be produced onsite or nearsite and used along with bread or beer yeast, in an integrated manner for the health of the farmer, livestock, plant, soil and earth.

In addition, red peppers, which contains capsaicin, can also be used for livestock health and grown onsite.

my 2 cents...



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