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Claudia Kammann

Hi Veronica,


my answers are easy: 1. Likely knowbody knows (I don’t know of experiments that tested this), 2. Therefore the answer to 2 is also not known.


My point ist hat producers don’t know pyrolysis and biochar, and they don’t have a clue that it can be a hygienization / infection reduction strategy at all. We may consider spreading the word or contact producers who might benefit…


Best, Claudia


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Dear Tom, Stephen and Claudia,
Thank you for this interesting information. It is very helpful. However I have few questions:
1. If disease infested biomass is used in the biochar amended compost, what are the effects on the viruses?
2. Will there be percentage variation in the biochar application to disease infested biomass and biomass with no diseases in the biochar amended composting?

Thank you

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Hi all,


thermal hygienization via biochar production really is a hot topic (pun intended) that may become more important in the future. In greenhouse vegetable or fruit production, high-temperature resistant tabac-mosaic viruses are really a big, fat economic problem. These viruses survive even high-temperature composting (e.g. 70°C). So, whenever infected residue survives or is recycled in these cultures you re-infect your new crop.


Therefore, if disease-infected biomass is pyrolyzed, you can keep the carbon and use the biochar, either within organic vegetable production in greenhouses or somewhere else.


Best, Claudia


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Quick note to all


There is evidence that a new strain of drug resistant fungi is growing and this is found in material that is normally composted.  So I am wondering whether

1.  Biochar can help eliminate this fungus

2. We need to pyrolysis biomass to kill the fungus.






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In 2020 US Biochar Initiative and University of California recommended practices for including biochars and biochar amended composts in the California Department of agriculture Healthy Soils Program.

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