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Thanks for sharing


Can you elaborate a bit more on the differences of the “various engineered biochars made at my facility”


What is the cost benefit of the different biochar engineering processes ?


Did you run a trial with plain raw biochar ?




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Here is our latest data set for research we are doing with ag/water – looking specifically at dissolved phosphorous capture with various engineered biochars made at my facility. We are using Phosloc as our comparison. The water we are using was harvested from canals flowing from agricultural fields in southern Oregon.  





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In the Chesapeake Bay some are using Biochar as part of bio reactors and to enhance swales and ditches. Basically linear bio reactors 

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Received an inquiry from a Lake States SWCD interested in the potential role bichar could play in ag drainage management. Specifically, the nutrients moving in those systems. Can anyone point me to published research on the topic, or direct me to anyone working in the ag-water space, specifically on how biochar may be able to mitigate nutrient runoff concerns?


I assume recycling the nutrient rich char back into the soil would be of interest...or should experience or research in that practice would be useful, too.





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