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Claudia Kammann

Hello Lakshmikanth,


One of the things that I noticed that may have been missing from your mixture is fresh plant material (leaf litter, residue, pruning with leaves, grass cuttings etc.) that the decomposing microbes can use as an easy source of degradable carbon. Cow manure: Carbohydrates have largely been already digested by the cow, so less “fuel” for a good composting process.


Why was the gypsum added, is there S deficiency in the soils where its use is intended?


In the attached paper and supplementary, we describe a mixture that provided a high-quality compost. Hope this helps –




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Hi  Lakshmikanth,

Your mix of compost components does not appear to provide an ideal (labile)carbon-nitrogen ratio. More woody biomass would be better?


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Hi All,


I have tried for the first time to make a BioChar-Compost in India.

I did add the following components into the mixture 

1. Coconut shell waste biochar - 10 tons 

2. Gypsum -10 tons 

3. Cow manure - 12 tons 

4. Rock Phosphate - 2 tons 

5. Regularly enriched char with microbes ( waste decomposers ). 


I use to mix the mixture regularly for uniformity for 1 year.

I am planning to use the above biochar compost on 5 acres. I am attaching a test report of the mixture.

Do comment on the final product nutrient analysis. 

Do I need to worry about any nutrients high level( especially Na, chlorides, and Fe ). 







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