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Thanks for the link to that article.   But I did not see an promotion of a pellet stove.


Issues like noise pollution etc are lamentable but not unique to pellet factories.   That is anti-industry abuse, but not anti-pellet.


Big issue is that the pellets are being burned to heat plus ash instead of being pyrolyzed to heat plus charcoal/biochar.   MAJOR DIFFERENCE.


Yes, there are excellent pyrolytic cookstoves (TLUD style) that use pellets extremely well.   But projects cannot be based on selling a few hundred stoves.   Minimum suggested is 2000 reasonably close together, and with a pellet supply chain.   I work with such proposals (not yet projects) with carbon sequestration credits for sustainability.   But up-front starting capital is needed. 




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Does anyone remember the NYT story a year or so ago that touted some new pellet stove as the savior of our climate and champion of our forests and environment?


Dream on.



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