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Rick Wilson

MIke, its not a crazy idea. - the fertigation is being consumed by the microbes. They increased nitrogen, and the problem seems to be fixing itself.

We will know what is happening by the end of the week when we get soil and leaf samples back.


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One crazy idea for the stunting is that the active microbial status of the compost addition may be being fed by the fertigation.  So the fertigation is feeding the microbes and plants.  

When we do single strain fermentations we use similar nutrients that are used to grow plants.

The use of biomass chars in agriculture needs to be targeted and integrated in regards to both ingredient pairing, execution, and timing.  

Professional and product liability insurance premiums are the cost of being self employed. This is why all my product trials are 1 acre or less. I have thankfully not have to buy an acre of produce.

The Actinomycetes in compost may or may not be optimal against nematodes.  There are also other types of microbe genus that make nematodes sad, as well as, triggers..

Biomass char best management practices are worthy of development and implementation.

It is important not to be too wood-centric with BMP development.


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