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Paul S Anderson



You should evaluate the RoCC kiln.   I have already very successfully tested it with a small amount of cannabis biomass refuse in a small RoCC kiln, and I have since then built larger RoCC kilns that can be used in a test for you.  


No need to shred the biomass (and actually preferrable to keep it whole).   One condition is that the biomass must be dry, not green.  


Please send your direct contact information to me at    psanders@...   I (and others) would like to know more about you, including where you are located. 


If your quantity of biomass is large enough (at least five dry tonnes) to reach the tonne level of finished biochar, we can also discuss options for seeking carbon sequestration funds (results based, not speculative.)




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Hello group,

I am helping establish a large medical cannabis facility and I am looking at biochar as a potential use for our waste green material, stems, leaves, etc.

The waste will be shredded by a two shaft slow speed shredder. I’ve purchased a small sized charcoal kiln off of alibaba, but I could use some advice for how to actually do this sensibly and efficiently.

Anyone interested in offering their expertise?


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