The lungs of the Earth have emphysema and biochar could help to heal them

Ruy Korscha Anaya de la Rosa

Hi all,

Dr Zach Bush (well known for his talks on the direct link between the standard american diet (SAD) and COVID-19) suggests in the video below that humanity has put most emphasis on the excess of CO2 accumulated in the atmosphere due to the combustion of fossil fuels and deforestation, and little attention has been paid on the absorption of CO2 (the other part of the carbon cycle).

He explains that the soils, which retain about ~2.5 times more carbon than the atmosphere, are being poisoned with pesticides, agro-chemicals, etc. and so the bacteria that breathe and retain that carbon are dying big time!!

This has vital implications for the food we eat, the diseases we suffer and the health we carry. The lungs of the Earth have emphysema, he says. Yet, the focus of governments and big technological companies is on reducing or artificially capturing emissions, while promoting chemical agriculture and further disconnection from the Earth.

This is another argument to show that biochar is more important than ocean fertilization, SRM, CCS, CCUS, BECCS, etc., and perhaps even tree-planting, as it is challenging for trees to grow in unhealthy soils.

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