Re: RoCC kiln documents available now

Hugh McLaughlin

Robert and any others who make your own biochar,

Go to Harbor Freight and buy a laser thermometer - get the highest range available if there is a choice - and measure your own temperatures. Teach yourself how your apparatus operates and what kind of flame intensity corresponds to what kind of temperatures.

As for biochar quality, again, you have to measure your material and learn from the results. The Baseline Biochar Metrics (google on web) or Chapter 8 of "The Biochar Revolution" (attached, since I wrote it) will teach you how to tell biochar quality. Yes, you will have to get your hands dirty, but it is biochar....

Hugh McLaughlin

On Wednesday, June 16, 2021, 8:21:34 PM EDT, Robert Lehmert via <roblehmert@...> wrote:

Paul, thanks for the reply.  I floated the new description to a "small circle of friends" and I got asked about:

  1. the operating temperatures produced by the unit, and
  2. any information about the quality of the biochar. 
Also curious about the stack temperature, and whether any measurements have been done that give us an idea about what size electric generator could be driven driven by the heat. 

You're onto something good! Thanks for keeping us informed.


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