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I am working on a reply, but it is becoming a small document (will take a few days).   I do not want to write it for a 1-time email message.   Sorry for the delay.    


New discoveries and progress almost every day.   More people are getting involve, and that both takes my time AND gets more progress because of more hands on deck.   The H-frame design is released for all.   So simple to make. 


News note:   One RoCC kiln has already been built that this THREE barrels long.   Not built by me.   And  not even in the USA.   Some people are doing while others are watching.   All are invited to participate.   Please keep me informed of any activity and  progress and any confirmation of what has been done.




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Paul, thanks for the reply.  I floated the new description to a "small circle of friends" and I got asked about:

  1. the operating temperatures produced by the unit, and
  2. any information about the quality of the biochar. 

Also curious about the stack temperature, and whether any measurements have been done that give us an idea about what size electric generator could be driven driven by the heat. 

You're onto something good! Thanks for keeping us informed.


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