Re: Onalaska biochar scandal

Elona Trogub

Hi everyone- 

First - a quick introduction. I'm involved with the Wind River Project in Carson, WA and we're working on setting up a 25 acre circular-economy based biomass utilization campus. You can watch a 2-min video about it here:

Since we are in Washington state and working to get a gasifier up and running, with biochar as one of the products, I feel like this disaster is going to put ever more scrutinizing eyes on us. We have a Chiptek P20 system and I'm not sure how much wood vinegar and tar we should anticipate producing at full capacity. 

We're updating our business plan and I want to make sure that we take into account the tar and wood vinegar byproducts so that we don't end up with our own environmental disaster. We'll only be at around 1/5th the scale as this Onalaska operation (based on my understanding of how much char they were producing) but we'll definitely need to account for the byproducts. 

Does anyone have any recommendations for integrating wood vinegar safely into compost? We plan on making compost on site. 

What could the tar be sold/given away for? Road pavement? 


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