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Frank Strie

Hello Geoff and all,
Yes I got in and as I was travelling to an important Organic Resource (Waste) meeting  during the zoom webinar I was able to listen on my car radio to what was being presented.
Whilst I had a few interruptions on way due to terrain and wireless reception / blind spots in the way, I was able to get some of the Q&A  section as well.
What was clear that a big ego on the ownership of environment and mix with cynicism and in fact very little actual (technical) knowledge and lack of facts she must be saying what some like to hear and like to believe.  …
Reality is that (I)  we (our business and likeminded)  should do what we do in the holistic, circular economy, zero waste, restoration, regeneration and renovation sense when it comes to intergenerationally responsible action. Grow the economy from the ground up, supporting life above and below ground and in the water.

It is now more than 17 years (March 2004) since I first learned about the Terra Preta topic and read the initial research report by B. Glaser, Zech etc.,
more than 14 years since I intensively work on Pyrogenic Carbon technology options at every scale,
about 7 years since we (my company) produce & use Biochar and grow things that we eat and sell as well,
a good 6 years since we began trading with biochar of FRANK’S CHAR branded products (after being lab analysis by ‘EUROFINS Umwelt Ost’  to the EBC guidelines in Germany)
and just as many years since we design and get manufactured to our plans the by now 3 models and sizes of  KON-TIKI-TAS deep cone kilns,
that I am glad that our clients have enabled us to have progressed to where we are now in July 2021.
I am glad to see what the many good people involved in our discussions and meetings around the region, the country and the world have enabled through good conversation and information exchanges.
So I was not angry to hear what was being said but clearly could note that it is easy to criticise and belittle and to say no.
It is so good to know why we do what we do and how we do it  and seek to improve what / how we can do to optimise the process.
Rachael Smolker is not helping with her position to tackle the issues that need to be addressed with gusto.
So that’s all I need to say here also and especially on behalf of my 4 Grandkids and their friends.
Best regards and thanks for everybody who likes to share their ideas and information and for demonstrating in the many ways and locations what can and needs to be done.
Good work in progress
Frank again

PS: Someone may like to listen and watch to what Christer Söderberg on the Island  Mallorca Spain sa
id, what has been done so far his team is doing: ; , someone can learn something if someone is open to learning.


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Hi Frank, I was able to enroll, but not open the meeting, then again my computer is getting old..

How did you go?



Geoff Thomas.


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Biochar: what it is and what it isn’t

Rachel Smolker

Rachel Smolker is co-director of BiofuelwatchHer work has spanned local grassroots organizing to participation in international processes, including the United Nations conventions on climate and biodiversity. She has researched, written and organized on the impacts of biofuels, bioenergy and biochar on land use, forests, biodiversity, food, people and the climate. 
She has a Ph.D. in biology from the University of Michigan and worked previously as a field biologist. She lives in Vermont.

This event is part of the Forest Speakers Series, a collaboration of Climate Action Now and Save Massachusetts Forests

Register HERE for this talk
The talks are free, but registration is required for EACH meeting. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with your link for joining the event. 

Facebook event page:


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The result of some digging about a decade ago seemed to indicate Biofuel Watch was being funded by fossil fuel interests. BFW has always doggedly pursued an agenda fueled by disinformation, undeterred by arguments or common sense. Her doctorate seems to be about dolphins, and for a PhD that bills herself as an authority on biochar, her published work on the matter is rather scant.  See


In any case, her efforts to hold back biochar adoption are not needed. The fact that it is already so hard for a biochar-based business to gain financial traction makes them completely unnecessary. 




On Sun, Jul 11, 2021 at 9:14 PM Geoff Thomas <wind@...> wrote:

Hi Hugh, haven’t we heard that name before?


It certainly contains the same dishonesty, do you want an analysis?

Other than the same nonsense by anti renewable opponents, “it is going to take too much of our precious land” (no figures provided, all sorts of hidden - unexplicated assumptions), but the almost word for word, "One gets the impression that (for some inexplicable reason) there is great interest in finding something useful to do with biochar.”

This is such a dishonest sentence, that Biochar can draw down potentially huge amounts of Carbon is dissed by calling it ‘for some inexplicable reason’ as if there was no reason when it is a life and death for the human race reason, and the attempt to sound wise and contemptuous by saying that biochar is looking for a reason, when all the things she mentions are Very good reasons, not attempts to find a reason, streuth, the woman is so obviously slimy, what is the motivation behind her supporters?



Geoff Thomas.




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Hello Group,


There is a seminar this Tuesday:


Biochar: What it is and what it is not

Rachel Smolker, Ph.D.

Tuesday July 13th from 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.


You can register at:



They seem to save the seminars to be viewed later - which is another way to see Dr. Smolker's perspective.


Also attached is a recent opinion piece by the same. For those who want to meet the opposition of biochar, this is a place to start.


- Hugh McLaughlin



Nando Breiter
CarbonZero Sagl
Astano, Switzerland 


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