Re: Kenya: "..Biochar really works miracles on our farms"


In Guatemala right now and seeing a lot of coffee hull composting followed by worms followed by worm juice.  Really interesting.  Tests show excellent nutritional profile and our tests in Thailand placed vermicast + biochar behind only black soldier Fly +biochar. Do you have ideas about high volume,  zero cost, readily available waste streams we could feed to worms?


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Hi Tom

I do both biochar in holes with vermicompost and liquid extracts.  nearly double the bang.


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Thanks for the liquid extract suggestion.


The biochar and manure appear to be applied to each plant as you will see in the links. It reminds me of Christoph Steiner’s recommendation, after working for several years with biochar in Brazil, to use biochar in planting holes.




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Thanks for sharing.....  Though the answer to my question maybe in the links provided, I am curious if the farmers are applying the char blend in a line over the planted seed.

Also a pH neutral biochar hot water liquid extract can be used to soak the corn seed prior to planting. This water extract can also be used to water in the seed ....


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