Re: Kenya: "..Biochar really works miracles on our farms"

Hi, Laurent,

I am not actually there to direct or suggest and the actual leaders have never suggested using human 'night soil." It is, however, commonly used in Vietnam. There biochar is emptied into outhouses to manage flies and smell and the resulting mix added to fertilizer as it is made. The only concern with the practice is whether the stuff composts properly, meaning that it gets hot enough to kill any pathogens. This is a question for Paul Oliver, who is the expert.

As for leaves, we generally suggest that people compost leaves and char more solid (denser) stuff, simply to increase the yield. We routinely tell folks however, to enhance any compost they make with char to improve quality, hold nutrients and reduce GHG fluxes.


On Wed, Jul 28, 2021 at 1:12 PM Laurent Chabanne via <> wrote:

did you consider the use of human manure as a feed? Not sure how much is available, plus regulations...
Pre-composted leaves should work and I imagine would be plentiful.
Or a mix of those.


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