Re: Biochar Landscape and Nursery Photo Op in Florida

Frank Strie

IBI Member and EBI cofounder Sonnenerde GmbH in Riedlingsdorf Austria is part of the EcoModelRegion Ökoregion Kaindorf in Austria and they have 100% Peat Free Designer Soils for years now:
The demand for their products is high due to the whole quality and intergenerational responsible approach demonstrated by the company.

Here a quick link to the info to the PYREG pyrolysis technology they are use since 2012:
In June 2018 the IBI Excursion visited the Sonnenerde production facility in Riedlingsdorf and the EcoModelRegion Kaindorf:
Fell free to check it out and yes they will also answer in English as required.
Frank again


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Hi all,

Carbon Gold in the UK is big on replacing peat and I think they have done work with nurseries (and tree care, sport turfs, etc.).
A far as I know, they are a member of IBI; I'm sure they would reply to any email you send them.


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