Re: Mushroom Mound update



As far as I can see DJ's approach is the set up of an efficient cylinder shape solid state fermenter much like the smaller version I set up to grow potato and tomatoes in this season.

Since fungi like to grow on stuff, biochar provide a support and I suspect some surface raw materials for the fungi to grow. 

The grow cylinder I made using weed barrier and 2ft tall fencing goes one step further and introduces plants, as a microbial selector tool, along with the earthworms and who ever else shows up.

Also in the tomato grow cylinder I included clay pot irrigation to provide optimal moisture for microbial and plant growth within the media horizon inside the cylinder.

The media in the cylinders includes leaf compost, worm compost, rice hulls, walnut shell char, bone char, wheat straw char, rock dusts, DE, blood meal, and a microbial additive of known's.

I also planted the tomato transplant stems 12 inches into the media since they are advantageous rooters.

The weed barrier serves 2 purposes for my setup. First, it provides air exchange. Second, it causes air pruning.

At the end of the season, I will harvest the microbial rich media from the cylinders and spread it on the soil.

Whether one uses DJ's or my approach, a weed barrier covered solid state fermenter is an easy way to produce a high activity soil additive.

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