Re: EPA ACTION: Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Pyrolysis and Gasification Units

Frank Strie

Hello Rick Wilson,
I am surprised to see that you are not aware of this successful project.
In Redwood City , California is a PYREG
(Germany)  Slow Pyrolysis plant since 2017:

The P-Series Pyrolysis - Bioforcetech › pyrolysis


The Bioforcetech Pyrolysis is the most sustainable technology for organics upycling. ...
Powered by 
Pyreg. ... SVCW Facility, Redwood CityCalifornia ...

Bioforcetech Corporation - Biomass Management Systems


The Bioforcetech (Powered by Pyreg) self sustained pyrolysis process provides the optimal solution to organic waste management.


Operation company: Bioforcetech Corporation

Location site: Redwood City, California, USA Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP), Service: 200,000 PE PYREG unit in operation since 2017: P500 Sludge treatment: Drying (75 % volume reduction, 60 % less energy consumption vs gas dryer). Carbonization with PYREG unit P500 (90 % final volume reduction, 100 % self sustainable process). Marketing the carbonizates as natural soil conditioner to the customers in agriculture



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As a Californian this is a fantastic news!  Its CA, it will be highly regulated.  


It means they want pyrolysis units (there are none currently).  And we sure have enough feedstock. 

And CA produces more food on a dollar basis than any state in the US (we export 50% of our production).  And super high value AG where the benefits of BC could cover the costs.

CA should be the biochar capital of the US.


Recognize Air pollution in CA due to the high population density is a real problem.  Once defined, biochar equipment suppliers will know what is expected so they can get to low emissions. 


And I would not be surprised, knowing California, that biochar production and use could become mandated.  Just like compost, (starting next year)




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See the message below from Fred Tornatore:


Dear Colleagues:


As you actively work in the gasification and/or pyrolysis sector I wanted to make sure that you were aware of the proposed rulemaking by EPA regarding such units.  Please see the EPA email below and the links offered. We all need to make sure the enviros don’t get their way in lumping gasification and pyrolysis into the Federal solid waste incinerator rules.  That is the last place we need to be associated with.


Best regards,



Frederick Tornatore
Chairman, Bioenergy Association of California
Chief Technical Officer
TSS Consultants
5430 Carlson Drive, Suite 100
Sacramento, California 95819





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Subject: EPA ACTION: Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Pyrolysis and Gasification Units


Please share with your members:


Today, the EPA issued an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking (ANPRM) to assist in the potential development of regulations for pyrolysis and gasification units. These units are used to convert solid or semi-solid feedstocks, including solid waste (e.g., municipal solid waste, commercial and industrial waste, hospital/medical/infectious waste, sewage sludge, other solid waste), biomass, plastics, tires, and organic contaminants in soils and oily sludges to useful products such as energy, fuels and chemical commodities. Pyrolysis and gasification are often described as heat-induced thermal decomposition processes. 


Through recent interactions with stakeholders, EPA has learned that pyrolysis and gasification processes are more widely being used to convert waste into useful products or energy. An ANPRM will provide an opportunity for a large and diverse group of stakeholders, including potentially impacted facilities, small businesses, and state, local, and tribal governments, to participate in the data and information gathering process and provide information on the details of pyrolysis and gasification units and processes. Based on data and information received through this ANPRM, the agency will evaluate how best to regulate the pyrolysis and gasification units. 


A pre-publication version of the ANPRM and a fact sheet are available on the web at:








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