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This forum is dedicated to introducing the emerging, exciting new climate-energy-soils-carbon technology called "Biochar" to those who are new to the concept. Newcomers and established biochar practitioners are encouraged to participate. We offer an inclusive space where members share knowledge, exchange ideas, highlight resources, and work to further the development of biochar. This is a nonc ommercial list. We discourage promoting any one specific corporation, but product information and factual information about biochar manufacture or application is encouraged. (Source citations are appreciated.) This discussion is hosted by T R Miles, Executive Director of US Biochar Initiative, in support of the International Biochar Initiative. Sign up for USBI and IBI monthly biochar newsletters here: US Biochar Initiative ( ) International Biochar Initiative ( ) US Biochar Initiative Web: Newsletter: Vids: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: Email: ( ) International Biochar Initiative Join: Facebook: Twitter:
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  • Biochar In The Woods Discussion Group
    This group will discuss the production and use of biochar in the woods. It was initiated to support the USBI Biochar in the Woods Online Workshop held January 27, 2022. Producing and using biochar in the woods helps meet many forest ecosystem and climate mitigation goals. We are all learning from each other as we develop best practices together. In addition to the ongoing discussion here, we host a monthly Zoom meetup on the first Wednesday of the month at noon Pacific Time. The zoom link is sent to the group the day before the meeting each month.
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  • Biochar | tluds
    This subgroup of is for the discussion of top lit updraft (TLUD) devices to make heat and biochar. You must be a member of the group to participate in this group.
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