IBI Biochar World Congress - November 2019 #IBI #conference

Mohammad Al-Wabel

Dear Biochar Group
Please see atached email regarding the invitation for IBI Biochar World Congress - November 2019 
Prof: Mohammad I. Al-Wabel, PhD
Arabian Journal of GeoSciences (AJGS) Biochar Special Issue Guest Editor 
 (Environmental Soil Chemistry)
Saudi Biochar Research Group (SBRG) Leader
Chairman of Soil Sciences Department 
College of Food and agriculture Sciences
P O Box 89770
Riyadh, 11692
Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966-1-467-8441
Fax: +966-1-467-8440
e-mail: malwabel@...

Dear Prof Alwabel,

This is Katie from Korea University, who works as an office secretary under Prof. Yongsik Ok.

We are holding a world conference with a topic of biochar from Nov 10 to Nov 14 at Korea University, Seoul.
Many distinguished speakers from all over the world will be attending the conference.
This conference is also held under APRU(Association of Pacific Rim Universities),
therefore we hope to have fruitful discussions about the biochar, the environment, and the world.

Here you may find more information about the conference.

Best regards

 virus free.