19 Year Study by UC Davis how to build Soil Carbon levels #carbon #soil

Rick Wilson

The study began back in 1993, tested corn and tomatoes, using conventional, cover crops, and cover crops with compost.  Carbon was monitored throughout the 2 meter soil profile.  

The only treatment which saw a build of organic levels was when cover crops were combined with compost at a rate of 4 tons per hectare per year.
Much of this was carbon build was deep in the soil profile.
Cover crops alone lost organic matter, and of course the conventional system lost the most.

The maths show that over 50% of the compost carbon translated into long term storage of carbon.  Each ton of compost, combined with cover crops, contributed to about 1 ton CO2 sequestered.

Biochar was not considered. Consider that biochar results in negative carbon priming after about a year.  What the combined impact would be.
Makes a case that biochar should be used with compost.

Rick Wilson