Australia TLUD stoves and biochar. RE: Troubleshooting a Troika TLUD #technology #stoves #tlud

Paul S Anderson

Dear Stovers and Charists in Australia,


I received a message (below) from Daniel Pidgeon who lives on the western side of Sydney, Australia.  And we spoke on the phone.  


This message is an  attempt to link him with Australians who can assist him about TLUD stoves and about Biochar.   He could be a good friend for your activities while you assist him with his.


Daniel is NOT on either listserv.  So any reply you send should please have a copy going specifically to him    His email address is

Daniel Pidgeon daniel.pidgeon@...




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From: Daniel Pidgeon
Sent: Sunday, September 29, 2019 12:56 AM
To: Anderson, Paul
Subject: Troubleshooting a Troika TLUD


Hi Dr Anderson,


My name is Daniel. I volunteered in Zambia about ten years ago, at what they called an orphan support centre(supporting the extended families to be able to take in the kids, and helping to train them up while still experiencing the benefits of the family unit.), sponsored people since, and for the past couple of years have been trying to learn how to help people help themselves and help others over there.


I stumbled across biochar, which I'd never heard of, am looking into permaculture benefits, and maybe even some humanure along the way, plus others, but in amongst it all stumbled across biochar producing stoves. Champions/Troika TLUDs in particular.


[PSA>>]   … before recommend it to or buy it for Teen Missions and AIDS Orphans and Street Children, the group I was with, I wanted to try it out.



So I built one.

Kind regards,

Daniel Pidgeon