US National Academy of Sciences: Negative Emissions Technologies & Reliable Sequestration: A Research Agenda (2019) #climate #emissions

Kim Chaffee


Thought you might want to see this new 2019 research report from the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering & Medicine.  The section on biochar can be found in Chapter 3, Terrestrial Carbon Removal and Sequestration on pages 104 and 105.  

Biochar is also included in chapter 4, Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Sequestration, under the heading biomass thermochemical conversion to fuel with biochar soil amendment.  See pages 148 and 149.    

You can download the whole report or just the chapters in which you are interested for FREE.  Biochar is part of chapter 3, together with Chapter 4.  My guess is that this study will be updated periodically.  What can we do to improve the sections on biochar?  Thanks.


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