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For the advancement of biochar usage, we discuss the need for detailed research (and not idiosyncratic observations).   We need detailed studies that would be comparable with what Indigo’s labs are doing about microbes.   See the excellent 6 minute video (link is below).    Where is such work being done (at any of the several scales needed) regarding different types of biochar, the soils, the plants, and the environmental conditions?


Having just promoted the ultra-science / research approach, I want to emphasize that we also need work and results of projects like WarmHeart that are highly-focused on quite specific, even singular, situations for which a demonstrated success can have major results quickly for similar situations, and let the science catch up afterwards to study what and why something is working.


About Indigo, it has interest in carbon sequestration (net carbon removal from the atmosphere).   See Terraton Initiative info at:     I put in an proposal involving biochar for that “challenge” but was not selected.   Did anyone else apply?   Did any biochar-related proposals get accepted?




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