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You wrote:   (and some clarification is needed)

“I have been experimenting making biochar with standard TLUD stoves, (both retort and flame cap varieties) for some time.”


TLUD technology is different from retort and from flame cap.   Three types for pyrolysis, not variations of TLUD.



You also asked about making biochar in larger quantities (but still smallish amounts – Under one tonne.)   I have a possible solution for you.

                This week I will be submitting patent papers about technology to make char in larger volumes while keeping the costs low.  “Low” is relative.   Standard barrel size (55 gal /200 liter) is possible as DIY but larger size is substantially better (up to 3.5 ft diameter).   It could still be DIY if you have the skills of metal working, buy probably a few thousand dollars if you need to pay someone to do the work and you are using new metal (vs. scrapyard stuff).    


I am trying to determine how to gain a little income from my invention.  Maybe selling plans?  And charge for telephone support to licensees?     And consulting / advising?    Setting up representatives (or manufacturers) in regions?       -----------   And yes, it can scale up to be much larger.      (Business partners could be appropriate.)


General comments about business can be on the listservs, but for specific personal interests, please contact me directly at   psanders@...  




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I have been experimenting making biochar with standard TLUD stoves, (both retort and flame cap varieties) for some time. Lately I have been studying gasification stoves designs - by Dr. TLUD and others - that produce biochar. I am intrigued by the possibilities of scaling up these smaller stoves to make a larger biochar kiln that utilizes true gasification principles to achieve a cleaner burn. I am starting to experiment with a few larger designs. However, I would rather not reinvent the wheel.

Does anyone know of a text or study on gasification stoves that outlines the current thinking on size, placement, and proportion of air holes to produce the best air flow (for fresh air and wood gas) and result in the cleanest burn? I should state that I am chiefly interested in passive low tech designs that are simple to build and that don’t require inputs of energy to power fans or pumps. 

Thanks to fellow TLUD enthusiasts for this forum
Vincible1. (AKA Tom Vincent)