Information that may help when seeing if patents are enforceable. Japanese Handbook #patent #japan

Mark Ludlow

Thanks. We can circle around some detractors, ethically, if the Science is on Our Side! Partner with me, Please!



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Subject: Re: [Biochar] Information that may help when seeing if patents are enforceable. Japanese Handbook
Dynamite, Geoff!

You nailed it, but don’t we still need  a lot of geopolitical things to happen, to, “grease the  skids?”

We can make it!  It it tanks


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Rick, you are displaying a point of view, and it is true that in the area of IP, everything is personal, as innovation, let alone creativity is very rare.
However times have changed from the traditional point of view, and indeed what has changed?  - Leibnitz invented Calculus, so I believe, Tunnels can not be built without calculus, so Leibnitz is building Tunnels to this day, - but not patented, - probably just as well , otherwise the Patent holders, - by now a mulltinational organisation with a neo-Liberal rent seeking point of view, would be charging so much that Tunnels would be un-affordable.
We now live in a world in a state of self destruction caused by unrestrained greed, people trying to find the answers through their own given talents and selflessness find it difficult to be heard, only people with money get heard, - we have to stop believing that Rick, - this forum is a testament to that.

Also, fundamental attitudes have changed over the last few hundred years, we now no longer live in the age of Truth, we now live in the age of The Good.
Good is more flexible than truth, and it applies to specific situations, so each invention is a specific situation.
Some inventions that may inconvenience the super rich, must get out, or most of us will die, - even the stupid super rich.
How we nurture new knowledge and inventions is a sacred thing, - it cannot be left up to traditional organisations like Patent offices, filled with Bureaucratic politics assumptions and corruption, it can only be nurtured by the actions of committed groups of interest, imho, such as the several forums world wide exploring the new ideas coming up. - Cheers, Geoff Thomas.  

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But Rick patents have to really show innovation or then all that happens is the industry is stymied and a lot of money is wasted on litigation.

Here is another couple of Japanese handbooks.  I have a lot more


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(thanks for sharing your website and story, very impressive achievement!  We loved Tasmania visiting often when we lived in Melbourne, Freycinet Chardonnay from the East Coast is my favorite wine!)

I agree that open source information certainly can help those positioned to go off the grid and leverage and deploy these biochar and AG technologies at a localized scale. Assuming of course you can make sense of the thousands of academic papers on the subject, and have the time to do so.  If you can, you should do it. In your words, Climate Action = race with time. 

But I don't believe that self sufficiency, like you have achieved, as commendable as it is, is practical for most of the earth's population. 

The impact of Climate change will be too big and will happen fast, with most people living in cities (think, what happens to the 2.75M people in Miami as groundwater starts to flood the sewers from rising sea waters, probably before I retire).  These people can not start farming to feed themselves.  They will be displaced. Needing a big industrial AG complex, and innovations that do not exist today.  Relying on investors that require the guarantee of patent protection to justify their risk, in the end, preventing starvation.  

For instance, patents are why we have breakthrough drugs, so the companies can justify the financial risk of developing them. You would have have cholesterol medicine, antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs, etc, with open source.


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RE: “No patent. No money.  No industry. No solution.”

Hello all,

This subject about the classic “Patent protection”(Cards to the Chest) touches on the very question of reason WHAT motivates us and WHY are we are even involved in the first instance in the whole Biochar, FiltrationChar, FeedChar, ConstructionChar, and specialised DesignerChars topic.
If it is about Carbon Climate Action = a race with time, if it is about assisting less fortunate people and communities in problematic situations to leap frog out of such misery, is it to have tools and methods that assist satiation and hygiene, hunger, food quality, air quality, water quality ,  hydrology, landscape restoration, pro-active flammability risk reduction upcycling of wastes, etc …, the open source information availability spreads very fast without delay, As a classic example we have seen it happen in the revolutionary spread and success of the Kon-Tiki style deep cone, flame curtain kilns, as it spread to,  was copied and modified in more than 70 countries in 3 years since 2014.
The way the Ithaka Institute and Associates (like myself) handled this urgent topic and the  way we shared and exchanged our findings and observations was due to our attitude and priority to make things open source so that carbon action happens in as many places and by as many people as possible. This has and is assisting industrial scale mobile and stationary plants become reality.
One fundamental ethical, cultural principles my close associates in Austria, Germany, Nepal, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and the USA …, have become to understand and support this guiding priciple:
“Knowledge is the treasure that keeps growing in value by sharing it” – everyone has the chance to contribute and take it further for everyone’s benefit it its. I get far more benefits (in most cases) from sharing, collaborating and assisting others than to have my pride and self interest in the foreground. What goes around, comes around as we have this one Earth, the time is ticking fore very single one of us. This is my 13th Year of full time Biochar action in some form and 16 years since Prof. Bruno Glaser in Germany  first responded to my questions from under Down Under in Tasmania.



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Rick, I totally agree with you: patenting is important to raise money, even if the patent is not really easy to defend.


Patents are useful for a lot more things than just protecting IP.

<Charcoal Handbook1.pdf><Charcoal Handbook2.pdf>