Different purposes. MICRO, LET'S RESEACH OURSELVES. #micro #research

Geoff Thomas

Earlier i posted i have a laboratory of my house my dog and me, - me changing the food and carbon input of the dog and observing the reults.
 Well, why can’t I be part of the Subject, and start taking Char, as I already make for the dog, and use the coffee grinder for the courser charcoal, - so am already ingesting some charcoalf, - why can’t I go the whole Hog and use myself as a research tool? 
 Why can’t all of us,? and if we have a dog, cat, hamster, bird, whatever, using the scientific method as best you can, but most importantly try it on your self. 
Naturally, we will have different results because we all are different, and also have different diets, live in different countries etc, - the important thing is to not get too attached to ones own result but look for others results and think about as much as you can integrate.
Our advantage is precisely that we are all different, so sharing the different results may lead to over-arching similiarities, - or not. - all grist for the mill.
There is no better observer of oneself, than oneself, with an open mind.

Geoff Thomas.

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Do you see a synergistic combination of biochar and  'X'....that could provide an effective and affordable option for farmers...?

For example,  would a farmer get a benefit from growing green fodder on a bed of char and then direct feed all of biomass&char....?


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