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Renaud and List.  (note new thread title - I chose to use GGR rather than CDR or NET for an obvious reason given )

1.  Thanks for bringing up this new/old methane topic - on our biochar list. The previous thread about CO2 concentration was introduced by you on the CDR list - and had some life as a biochar topic. If this topic goes anywhere here, we will need to also get this back on “CDR”.

2.  Methane together with biochar appears on this list most often in connection with cattle feed and anaerobic digestion.  Also there are some combined biochar-methane-soil mechanisms that have evoked a lot of papers.  Let me know if you want to hear more there.  I assume you are looking for new non-standard CDR topics, but let us know if you want to know more bout what is in the biochar literature re methane. I think you have a different target in mind.
3.  I am not sure what you meant with the phrase “too concentrated on this topic”. I guess you meant the topic of the preceding sentence “atmospheric methane removal”.  I think your word “too” is inappropriate.  We should all be doing as much as we can there.  This is to request all biochar list members to chime in on anything they have read relating biochar and methane in the CDR sense that Renaud has talked about at this site:

4.  You have a helpful dialog there with Nick Breeze - especially on Iron Salt Aerosols.   One possible connection to biochar could be that there is work on biochar with added magnetic properties (emphasis on Iron and magnetism).  Lots of work on adding salts of all kinds to biochar - to improve cation and anion exchange capabilities and other soil deficiencies.  Maybe your iron salts already have an added soil productivity value that this list will know how to optimize?

5.  List members - what can we add to help Dr. de Richter and his research group capture methane using biochar?


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Many thanks Ron. I hadn't thought to biochar or BECSS.
Very interesting!

As a matter of fact I'm currently working on atmospheric methane removal... Maybe too concentrated on this topic!

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This paper describes a new way to concentrate CO2 that seems possibly appropriate for some who are thinking large-scale production of biochar.


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