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The quotation in the message below is TOTALLY applicable to our situation regarding biochar, regardless of objective being soil, food, climate, commerce, etc.


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As we celebrate our freedoms to speak, seek and share the truth here in
the US (Independence Day), the Science editor in chief reminds us that this
is not enough when it comes to moving a nation to action on CO2, climate
change, COVID, etc. Time to move from science communication to a
marketing and counter-disinformation offensive:


“The scientific community is losing the battle against this digital leviathan
of misinformation. A well-reasoned and highly placed op-ed on this topic is
not going to move the needle, no matter how well it is crafted to adhere to
the best practices in science communication. Neither is a perfect trade
book, television appearance, or speaking tour by a scientific leader. The
only way to win this fight is to harness the same sophisticated tools in the
name of science that are being used to tear science down. With social
media companies afraid to challenge the misinformation machine, even
when their own platforms are being misused, the task is daunting. But we
can at least move on from the idea that if we could just find those perfect,
persuasive words, everyone would suddenly realize that facts are facts with
no alternatives.”

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