Biochar burns impact on soil ? #soil

Dick Gallien

Has Kelpie, with her biochar burns of dead windrow trees in N.D. and the aerial photos of the seemingly dead round burn spots out West, tested in anyway how deep/longlasting the negative soil life impact remains?  On rich, living soil, with a high organic content, as in a garden, would not seem to be the best place for a large biochar burn? 

Occasional fast prairie fires were beneficial to soil health.  The image sticks with me, of an unmolested Oct. night line of fire slowly eating it's way through the woods and goat prairie across the valley 64 yrs. ago when I bought this farm.  Goat prairies are an odd phenomenon of this "driftless" (no glacial drifts) corner of Mn., Wi. Iowa and Illinois, on the sw exposures of these steep slopes.  The hills are no longer pastured, any burn is immediately extinguished and the goat prairies are being taken over by invasive buckthorn.

Am I the only one of you scattered across the globe, that is under constant surveillance by those given control of this NATURAL RESOURCE---WASTE WOOD?   Have some of you been fortunate enough to have support from such agencies?
Thanks, Dick
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