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Paul S Anderson

To have increased income from biochar:


The message below is about changes coming in 2021 about carbon markets.   The deadline for submission is 17 July (10 days from now).   The question is:  How can biochar into soil AND/OR into other long term fixtures obtain (or improve likelihood of future inclusion) to qualify our efforts (such as CharTrac) to be recognized in the Gold Standard system for 2021 and beyond?


This is important but not what I am comfortable doing.

Is someone doing this already?   IBI or USBI?   Or individuals / companies?    I believe that the  UNFCCC is also planning for changes as of 2021.     ‘


Will biochar again be left out of list of what can qualify for carbon offsets / carbon credits?   To be discussed here, I hope, by those who know and who we should all be supporting.




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Date: Wed, Jun 17, 2020 at 1:31 PM
Subject: Consultation: Post-2020 Voluntary Carbon Market Policy Brief


Seeking input and feedback on how Gold Standard is planning to operationalise and scale the post-2020 Voluntary Carbon Market

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Earlier this year, Gold Standard published a set of principles to guide the development of new requirements for certified projects in the voluntary carbon market as the rulebook for the Paris Agreement comes into force in 2021. 
These principles aim to ensure that the voluntary carbon market continues to catalyse new, ambitious climate action without displacing current policy ambition or corporate ambition.
Following a series of working group deliberations and subsequent papers, available here, feedback from partners, and extensive discussion among our Technical Advisory Committee, Gold Standard is pleased to now share a policy brief Operationalising and Scaling Post-2020 Voluntary Carbon Market that captures our own technical proposals for public consultation. The brief outlines:

1. That we expect claims in the voluntary carbon market to evolve as corresponding adjustments will become a reality for compliance markets, leading to differentiated claims for carbon credits that have corresponding adjustments or do not. 
2. What rule updates will follow to align with ongoing Paris Agreement Article 6 negotiations, including additionality and ongoing financial need, baseline setting, crediting periods, microscale projects, distinction of carbon removals, and transition plans for all of the above. 
3. Where Gold Standard intends to focus future efforts in scaling our climate protection project portfolio through existing and new activity types. 
The consultation is open through 17 August 2020. We welcome comments at standards@....






Stronger voluntary market - New rules to raise the bar post-2020


Wednesday 8 July 2020, 
15:00 CEST (9:00 EDT)

The voluntary carbon market has rebounded with soaring demand, leading to more visibility as well as greater scrutiny. In parallel, maturing market conditions and the imminent onset of the Paris Agreement rulebook, alongside insights from 15+ years' experience in project certification prompt an evolution of standards to maintain the credibility of the voluntary market and ensure that carbon finance goes where it has highest impact and does not compromise policy or corporate ambition.

Working in collaboration with civil society, governments, and market actors, Gold Standard proposes new requirements for the voluntary carbon market to ensure integrity on the supply side, as well as guidance to preserve credibility for buyers' side to reboot markets for the utmost integrity post-2020.

OVERVIEW OF KEY ISSUES Owen Hewlett, Gold Standard
              Brad Schallert, WWF
              Jonathan Shopley, ICROA 
              Eric Soubeiran, Danone [Invited]   
              Lambert Schneider, Oeko Institute
Q&A  All - 15 mins

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