CANADIAN JOURNAL OF SOIL SCIENCE - Special Issue: Biochar Amendments for Sustainable Soil Management #soil #canada

Andrew Chapeskie



Special Issue: Biochar Amendments for Sustainable Soil Management
Submission deadline: September 30, 2020


Biochar is a carbon-rich product that is obtained when a sustainable source of biomass, such as wood, crop residues, or manure, is heated without oxygen. There has been a growing interest in the use of biochar as an agricultural and horticultural soil amendment over the past decade. Biochar has also received attention in reclamation of disturbed systems including forest ecosystems and urban soils. This is due to biochar’s potential to improve soil characteristics and contribute to climate change mitigation via carbon sequestration and lowered greenhouse gas emissions. Several studies in temperate soils have investigated the effect of biochar on soil’s physical, chemical, and biological parameters and crop performance (e.g., yield). This special issue will report on the most recent studies conducted in temperate environments and the impact of biochar as a soil amendment in agricultural production systems and its application for horticultural crops and reclamation.