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Kelpie Wilson

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Ring of Fire Kiln Shipping in October!

Dear Biochar Friend,
I am very pleased to announce that for the first time I am offering a full size biochar kiln for sale. The Ring of Fire Biochar Kiln is a new invention that is more efficient and easier to use than any other kiln I have designed. The integrated heat shield not only protects the worker, but it speeds up the processing time by holding in heat.

The initial production run will be small, so if you want a kiln for next winter's burn season, now is the time to order it! Kilns will be ready to ship in mid-October. I have kept the sale price as low as I possibly can because, unfortunately, even though they pack flat, the kilns will still be expensive to ship. Keep reading for all the details, below.
- Kelpie Wilson
The Ring of Fire Biochar Kiln is a metal container for burning waste wood and brush for the purpose of making biochar. The kiln consists of an inner ring composed of three sheets of mild steel that are bolted together. An outer ring of lighter gauge steel bolts onto the brackets that hold the inner ring together. The purpose of the outer ring is to serve as a heat shield that holds in heat for better efficiency. The kiln is easily moved, as none of the individual pieces weighs more than 40 pounds. The kiln comes with a basic instruction manual.
Technical Specifications:
Kiln diameter (with heat shield): 77 inches
Kiln height (with heat shield): 44 inches
Kiln volume: 3.18 cubic yards
Kiln weight: 238 pounds

Special Introductory Offer:
$925.00 (shipping is extra)

Shipping Options:
* Kilns will be available to ship in mid-October, 2020.
* Flat fee for shipping one kiln to a freight terminal anywhere in the continental United States is $500.
* Call for a custom shipping quote - shipping to some locations will be less expensive.
* Save money on shipping by ordering multiple kilns. Become a distributor!
* To avoid shipping fees, you can pick up your Ring of Fire Biochar Kilns onsite here in Cave Junction, Oregon. At checkout, choose "in person pickup." Then call the number below for more information.
Call 541-218-9890 to discuss shipping options. Call or email me to find out how to become a distributor. My email address is kelpiew at

See the Ring of Fire Kiln in action! Click here to see our video

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Ring of Fire Biochar Kiln - Holds in heat for best efficiency. Burns smoke for low emissions.

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Ring of Fire Kiln - Easy to assemble!

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Easy to use - fill and light.

Our first production run will be limited. Please pre-order your Ring of Fire Biochar Kiln now to ensure availability.

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