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Paul S Anderson

Biocharists:   The subject line says  BiocharCDR   to indicate the content.   (feel free to ignore if not interested).


A recent private message from Paul Belanger brought up the graph that is below.    I have come to a personal conclusion that such erroneous representations need to be challenged.  


Note:   If you think It is not erroneous, please say so, but then please ask yourself if you are part of the problem as to why biochar is not recognized for its carbon dioxide removal (CDR) value.     Do you support a challenge to such errors?


I propose that the graph should be RE-DRAWN and expanded to include other CDR technologies   And then circulated and refined, and then presented to  Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative (C2G) to request that C2G could publish the revised graphic and explanation.


Redrafting can be done in PowerPoint (or better software if someone offers those skills).     


Question 1:   Is the QUEST to correct the errors worth the time and effort?

Question 2:   Will you sign your name to the finished revision (subject to your seeing it and finding it to be reasonable) when sent to C2G and others?

Question 3:  Will you volunteer to have an active role to expose this and other erroneous representations of biochar?


Paul Anderson    (replies via this Discussion Group OR private replies to me at     psanders@...    )



Graphic is from:


Options for supporting Carbon Dioxide Removal

Discussion paper

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Louise Jeffery, Niklas Höhne, Mia Moisio, Thomas Day, Benjamin Lawless


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Chart is on page 3 and see pages 3 – 7 of the attached report for the discussion.





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