Update on RoCC barrel kiln progress #technology #pyrolysis

Paul S Anderson



I promised an update and reveal by the end of this week.   There is much progress, but also some lessons and business thoughts to present here.


The topic is a barrel-sized or slightly larger biochar maker (and biomass disposer) based on the RoCC concepts of covered flame-cap pyrolysis with mixing capabilities, but rather inexpensive (mainly DIY) and user friendly (IMO) for use by one adult.


1.  I made at least three significant variations that have resulted in firm designs and decisions for moving forward.   But I can already see further improvements, so today’s information is outdated.


2.  My work is in my garage and I use “scrap” when appropriate.   The result is wonderfully functional but not very pretty and not what should be built (direct replication) by others, or certainly not built for being sold to others.   Eventually (in 2021 I expect) to be a product.


3.  In addition to the fabrication, it takes time to properly test each unit.   One test with one fuel is not sufficient for releasing all of the information at this time.




a.  I am delaying for a few weeks the release TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC which would be the case of a posting on my website or via this listserv.   I am now shooting  for release of info during the USA National Biochar Week  of 7 to 11 December.   Info about that event is at:



b.  I will receive and review any requests for personal private viewing of my current written materials and access to me for guidance.   This would be mainly from persons  who would  privately fabricate a unit based on my design AND incorporate differences to determine if there are improvements to be shared with others.  Accepted persons would be in the “inner circle” for development.


c.  So, if you really want to build (at your own expense) and you can work from photos and comments (but lacking detailed instructions or drawings), please write to me at    psanders@...      Include details that would be useful for me to assess your possible participation.


d. BUSINESS:   If you have business interests and/or a funded (fundable) project for biomass disposal via pyrolysis producing biochar, please do write to me.   Your geographic location could be to your advantage because I seek eventual wide-spread activities.




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