FY 2021 Wood Innovation Grant #usfs #woodinnovationgrant

Harry Groot

I want to see if there are folks on the list considering submitting a WIG proposal?  This year's priorities offer a lot of opportunities for biochar projects.

As I'm currently responsible for a FY20 WIG project, I don't want to take a lead role in one this year so I'm offering the skills and support of Dovetail Partners and myself as collaborators.  You can get a sense if working together would add value at Dovetail Partners Inc..

I'm currently working on WIG-sponsored biochar market research, and heading up Dovetail's collaboration on a Biomass Research and Development Initiative (BRDI) project with the University of MN and Virginia Tech, doing field trials with various biochars in a variety of  soils and cropping systems across the US.  Personally, I make biochar for use on our farm here in VA from forest and ag "waste" and for use in research projects using an Exeter retort, and (as soon as it's built) in a flame capped kiln.  

Please let me know directly if you have an interest.


Harry Groot
Dovetail Partners, Inc.  
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