ANZ Biochar Industry Group - ANZBIG Events Calendar February & April #event #anzbig

Don Coyne

Dear Group,

Please note the following online & physical events coming up from ANZBIG for your calendar planning.

(i) February 25 Online - Next Online Webinar "Biochar for Waste Water Management - Sustainable Transformation of Biosolids" Cost $99 Non-Members Registration & Recording URL
Information Flyer attached
(ii) April 10 & 11 Tamworth, N.S.W. Australia - 2 Day Interactive Workshop "Sustainable, Safe, Effective Production & Use of Biochar" - How to Commercialise a biochar business" (Max 20) Cost $295 Ex GST Non-Members Registration & Recording URL
Information Flyer attached

Please join us and ENJOY as we continue to spread the many and varied benefits of bioenergy, biochar & wood vinegar within our region to keep the biochar industry growing 


Don Coyne