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Tom Miles

Here is a timely appeal from the Citizens Climate Lobby Ag Team, California.


From: Julie Heath <jheath888@...>
Sent: Monday, April 19, 2021 8:54 AM
To: usbiochar@...
Subject: USDA Public Comment



You and your biochar producer network should make public comments to the USDA.

Biden has the USDA looking into how to remove barriers to climate smart farming, in other words soil health practices. (It's part of a larger request for input from many sectors.)

Enter your public comments HERE:

Request for Comments: Executive Order on Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad

About what they are asking:

(I'd put biochar in wildfire prevention or wood and other biproducts)


Categories they list:
1. Climate-Smart Agriculture and Forestry Questions
2. Biofuels, Wood and Other Bioproducts, and Renewable Energy Questions
3. Addressing Catastrophic Wildfire Questions
4. Environmental Justice and Disadvantaged Communities Questions

Seeing these categories on that page for some unknown reason. Maybe use category 1?

1-Access to healthy, affordable food 
2-Physical Activity 
3-Healthier Foods in Schools 
4-Empowering Parents 
5-General Comment


Please comment and also spread the word to your network.


Deadline April 30th



In appreciation,

Julie Heath


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Norm Baker


Thanks for the link to Joel Williams presentation. Very knowledgeable man. Carl Sagan once said that scientists should speak directly to the public. What he did not say was that politicians needed to be informed at the same time. I had a department chairman at Michigan state who also believed scientists should speak to the public and involve soils and insect practitioners in the field. The result is a much better integration of the science and application. This man knew what he was talking about because he eventually became the president of Michigan State University.



I really like your idea of appointing a spokesman for this group to make public comments speaking to the USDA. Personally, I think Tom Miles ought to be asked to do that on behalf of the whole group. Knowing him, he could put together a statement run it by the whole group for edits and additions, and then make a formal statement to the USDA. I think it is a good idea.