IBI funding - " thoughts on what types of things are most needed to help scale the industry"

Frank Strie

Hello Kathleen and all involved,
That is fantastic news and further boosts the community & climate positive initiative around the world.
To provide a further advanced “go to point” on factual information and highlighting practical planning examples for anyone interested in learning about the potentials and synergies on the world wide/ global and also provide education “tools” for individuals and groups  at the local level – say current best practice planning examples.
In order to further build a broad understanding in communities and regions from entrance level backyard, mobile & remote technologies and industrial scale, stationary facilities for communities and local government institutions.
Further support / provide accessible,  affordable webinars and discussions with an up to date website.
Interacting with related initiatives around the world, for example:


  1. ProSilva in Europe and beyond 25+ countries, see the latest example here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5a-SDsD_vZM&t=2s
    The presentation introduces ProSilva, the principles and indication of scale, numbers of forest owners/ managers involved.

  2. PURE ADVANTAGE in New Zealand: https://pureadvantage.org
  3. Further support and foster understanding of synergies of Bioenergy-Pyrogenic Carbon, the holistic potential and applications in circular clusters and industry hubs.  …

Interesting and exciting times at every level.
Thank you for the tireless collaborative work





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I'm happy to share some exciting news: IBI has been awarded a game-changing 5 year grant from the WOKA Foundation for capacity building. More details to be announced soon, but suffice to say we anticipate big changes in the biochar space thanks to their generosity. We will be hiring a few key staff in the near future, but in the meantime, I am interested in your thoughts on what types of things are most needed to help scale the industry (keeping in mind IBI is not a research institution) quickly and sustainably.