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Good news here.  Three biochar companies being supported.


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Shopify buys carbon removal from
Meet the selected suppliers

🎙️ Shopify buys carbon removal from

We are excited to announce that Shopify has chosen three carbon removal suppliers as part of their bold pledge to invest a minimum of $5 million annually in breakthrough sustainability technologies!

Shopify assisted businesses built on its commerce platform to generate $319B in global economic activity between 2016 and 2019. The company prides itself in engineering market forces and in alignment with this impact their funding increases demand in the very important industry of carbon removal.

We are proud to help Shopify in fulfilling their Net Zero strategy with CO2 Removal Certificates (CORCs) and help suppliers to scale and commercialize their technologies.

Congratulations to Carbofex, ECOERA and ECHO2!

Meet the selected suppliers

Carbofex is the biggest EBC-certified biochar producer in Europe, offering a premium grade of biochar for the horticulture industry and water filtering applications. One tonne of Carbofex biochar removes 3,11 tonnes of CO2 eq. from the atmosphere into long-term storage in the product. The feedstock is spruce thinnings from sustainably managed Finnish PEFC-certified forests, that would otherwise decompose. The additional income from CORCs will stimulate the development of new biochar-based products such as a phosphorus removal system for lakes and water ecosystems.

ECOERA is a Swedish biochar innovation company awarded the WWF Climate Solver company label. They have been in the biochar field for over ten years and in 2009 created Sweden’s first large scale biochar carbon sequestration in agricultural fields. The biochar is produced from residue biomass streams from industrial seed production, that would otherwise be wasted or decompose.  Each tonne of biochar is 78% pure carbon and embodies 2,57 tonnes of CO2e while manufacturing it emits only 0,05 tonnes of CO2e. The additional revenue contributes to adding other types of feedstock (biomass such as algae) increasing carbon sequestration. 

ECHO2 transforms green wastes from plantation forestry, agriculture, food and wood processing, that would otherwise end up as green-house gas emissions by being burned or landfilled, into biochar and bioenergy. Each tonne of biochar is over 80% pure carbon and removes 2.88 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of product, for centuries. The biochar is used for horticulture and agriculture. Income from the additional revenue allows the next ECHO2 modules to be commissioned and new biochar commercial products to be developed, increasing the volume of CO2 that is removed and stored in the biochar, for centuries. ECHO2 is located in Australia and is the first biochar producer outside Europe.

With a high-profile company like Shopify betting on the potential of industrial carbon removal to impact the climate, the Carbon Transformation is beginning to see momentum 🚀 👏.

To neutralize your carbon emissions with science-based, verified CORCs from these and other suppliers visit the Carbon Removal Supplier Listings.

Are you ready to include carbon removal in your climate actions? Welcome to join the Carbon Transformers at and don't hesitate to contact us.

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