tank rims 1/2" plus #technology

Dick Gallien

You've probably seen Dolph Cooke's Moxham biochar tank rim which works, because the steel rim is heavy enough.  One of too many mistakes I've made was cutting a couple 10 1/2' dia X 15' X 1/4" fuel tanks in half, to use as a Moxham, each with a reinforced end.  At 1/4" they aren't heavy enough, the open end flops when turned over, has to be turned over a second time to empty and if the bottom is cut out, they fold up.

 A  9' or 10' dia. X 8'  rail road tank rim, even the DOT 111's at 7/16" should hold up, surely those at 7/8" will last longer than most of us, with no ends needed or wanted. .  .

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